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Shamim has been involved with SOUL from the very early days, initially as a young person SOUL was supporting. Shamim has benefitted from mentoring and other programmes SOUL have provided over the years, throughout his education and into work. After completing his A-levels, Shamim completed his undergraduate studies at the London School of Economics, followed by a Masters at the University of Cambridge. Shamim then worked as a Government Economist for just under 5 years in the Business Department and the Cabinet Office and most recently moved to work as a management consultant in EY.


Shamim has always stayed in contact with SOUL as a volunteer and trustee over the last 10 years, helping support and grow our organisation. Shamim was nominated and voted as Chair of SOUL in May 2023.


Shamim comments: ‘I am extremely honoured to be able to Chair SOUL an organisation that has done so much for me, my peers and so many young people across the borough. SOUL as an organisation has supported thousands of young people in Tower Hamlets and has recently branched out to other boroughs. Our reach and impact has grown substantially over the years and this is very much due to the hard work of our staff, volunteers and supporters. I would like to thank the previous Chair and Committee who have done a terrific job scaling up our youth programme as well as overseeing our response and support through Covid-19 and more recently the cost-of-living crisis. I very much look forward to working with the committee, our supporters and staff to be able to further increase our reach and impact’.



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