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SOUL has been working with the community since 2003. 
Inspired and set up by local youths, it set off to tackle the day to day issues faced by the community in London Borough of Tower Hamlets and unlock the potential to undertake the most amazing transformations.

We aim to tackle unemployment, low educational attainment, deprivation, poverty, serious youth violence, poor health and well-being and social exclusion.

Many of our programmes are community led, empowering and resourcing the means to renew hope, inspire confidence and improve skills.

We work with many partners and stakeholders as we believe in multi agency partnership work to achieve improving and shaping a better society.

Being community facing our top priority and principle, we are always adapting and open to evolve with the needs of the community. Thanks to our team of volunteers, staff, and board we are able to stay on top of meeting the needs in such a fast paced environment.

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