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Jamil has been a part of SOUL from the very early days, as part of one of our successful youth teams he has have won multiple titles and competed in a number of international tours over the years.

Having been away from the club for a few years Jamil came back in the winter of 2021 to manage our struggling senior team, going unbeaten for the duration of his tenure losing just one, we missed out on promotion by the smallest of margins.

Since the youth days of SOUL, Jamil has spent the last decade working in local authorities and has been successful with a number ventures. The young entrepreneur has always maintained contact with SOUL and has been a huge supporter and advocate. In February 2022, Jamil returned to SOUL as a trustee and was elected general secretary.

On his appointment Jamil said ‘It is a honour to come back to such an evolving organisation. When I first joined SOUL as a young boy I was mentored by the best in the business. I was given the coaching and confidence to be able take on a challenge however big or small.

I have seen the organisation go from 2 people working outside of a spare bedroom to one that now employs 50+ sessional coaches, has delivered the best HAF projects and overall has one of the most outstanding grassroots academies.

I look forward to working with the newly elected chair and welcome the new members of the board. Together we will continue to deliver the fantastic work the organisation have built their foundation on.

General Secretary
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